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T-Mobile Adds More Data to Simple Choice Plans

T-Mobile is offering its customers a free data upgrade.


The company announced Friday that it is doubling the amount of data customers can use per month on its standard 4G LTE service plan for no additional cost. So instead of getting 500MB of data per month at the full 4G LTE speed for $50 a month, users will now get 1GB of data. (All Simple Choice plans also come with unlimited talk and text messaging.)


Customers who subscribe to the $60 a month plan will see their data bucket increase from 2.5GB per month to 3GB per month. The $70 a month plan, which used to offer unlimited 4G LTE usage and 2.5GB of data hot-spot usage, which allows users to turn their smartphones into mobile hot spots to connect other Wi-Fi enabled devices to the T-Mobile 4G LTE network, is changing. Now that $70 service will provide 5GB of LTE usage on the network. And a new $80 a month plan was added that will provide unlimited 4G LTE usage and 5GB worth of tethering data per month.


Source:  CNET

Added: 03/24/2014